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Ashdown Estate Property Management Co Limited was set up by the developer of the leasehold estate in 1970 to manage the properties and grounds of the estate. The freehold being owned by a landlord, currently Orchidbase, to which the leaseholders pay ground rent.

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Each leaseholder has a share in the management company plus the freeholder. The share is attached to the lease. Upon sale of a property the share must be transferred to the new leaseholder.

To Know
Meeting Maintenance Parking Insurance

Every September the management company organises an Annual General Meeting. It is expected that all shareholders attend. Agenda and minutes are supplied in accordance with the Companies Act’s.

Ashdown maintains the exterior of the building and grounds. The company does not maintain: The upper roofs (responsibility of the upper flats) - The foundations (responsibility of the lower flats) - Porch roofs (shared between three leaseholders) - The drain or the pump house (Now the Thames Water )

Every property (apart from one) has a garage included in their lease. The exact location, according to the Land Registry, is shown on the plan which is located in the leaseholders account. In addition, there is off street parking for 41 cars and 1 motor cycle. The off-street parking is edged green on the map of the estate. The parking of cars in the garage areas is not allowed. Street parking is controlled by the local council between the hours of 14.00 and 15.00. Permits can be obtained from Hertsmere Council. A charge is made by the Council.

In addition the company does not insure the properties, apart from third party insurance. The exclusions contained in each leaseholders lease.

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